Neil slamming ocean Bass to 38lbs on live bunker!!


Had Neil on board this am on an open boat. Started off slow in the ocean. first pod had blues and we both lost our rigs. so we moved and moved an we found em again! Bass were crashing the bunker,. ended up with 4 fish..28 to 38lbs. had a great time with great company. lets do it again neil!!

Capt Brian








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3 Responses to Neil slamming ocean Bass to 38lbs on live bunker!!

  1. Rich says:

    nice job bri nice !

  2. Neil says:

    I knew I was going to have an awesome day when I told Brian I just wanted one small 30inch fish to keep for the table and we can release the rest. His response was ” keep this 26lber it will be the smallest one we get today”. AND HE WAS RIGHT!

    Thanks again for a great time!

  3. brian says:

    No prob neil! lets do it again real soon before these fish leave man. Thanks for everything

    Capt Brian

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